Here I will share some recipes of things I like to eat. These are all things I have made myself, and I don't mention the recipe until I have tried it out a couple times and think that it is worthy of inclusion here.
Yummy Food Stuff
Sausage Bread
  1.  Bread Dough
  2.  1 lb. ground sausage (a spicy variety is better)
  3.  1 cup parmesian cheese
  4.  2 eggs
Acquire some bread dough, enough for one loaf. It can be from a bread machine, home made, a box or frozen. Roll the dough out flat. Brown the sausage, drain (and rinse if worried about grease), mix with cheese and eggs. Spread the sausage/cheese/egg mixture on the dough as evenly as possible. Roll the dough into a loaf-like cylinder. Bake at 350 F until golden brown, about 30 minutes.
Schwäbisch Lasagna
This recipe can be found on my blog.
Gröstete Maultaschen
This recipe can be found on my blog.