Wind Star 2007 (3)

Isla de Margarita, Bonaire and Aruba

This page created 12/18/07

Beach at Isla de Margarita This is the beach at Isla de Margarita. It was a warm day and with the large cruise ship the beach was crowded. One nice thing was a very large shallow area near the beach for wading and splashing about.

After leaving Isla de Margarita we had another at-sea day. Here are Jan and I sitting in the shade near the pool bar. It was also a great place to sit and read. I think I did more reading on this trip than any other. Jan and Tom
Bonaire Our next stop was the island of Bonaire. It turned out to be a peaceful and quaint place without the hustle and bustle of some other ports of call.

While in Bonaire we took a snorkeling excursion on an authentic 56' Siamese junk, The Samur It took us to a nearby island (Klein Bonaire) which is part of Bonaire National Marine Park and a nesting area for several types of sea turtles. There were people there from the conservation organization and they had found a nest where Hawksbill turtles had recently hatched. One baby was still in the nest and they brought him to the beach where he made his dash to the sea. Unfortunately no pictures as we did not have a waterproof camera.

It was also our 33rd wedding aniversary while on Bonaire so Jan and I treated ourselves to a romantic dinner onshore that night at a place called Salsa.
The Samur
Aruba Our next stop was Aruba. We had been there once before in 1986 but it has changed dramatically since then. What was once a quiet place with a lot of local color has become a tourist destination with huge hotels, casinos and upscale shopping. It was a rainy day when we were there so I didn't get many pictures as I was trying to keep the camera dry.

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