Helicopter Tour

The helicopter tour was really exciting. It took about 15 minutes to circle the entire island and we got to see just about everything. It was even possible to see the larger sharks and rays swimming in the lagoon. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good photo of them.

Jan and I with the helicopter pilot standing next to the aircraft. The helicopter pilot also drove the van to get us to and from the helicopter pad.

 Here is a view of one of the towns (Nunue I think) from the air. Notice that nearly everything is near the shore and there is little development inland.

The dark blue is the open ocean outside the lagoon. The lighter blue and green represent varying depths. This is the spot where we went to snorkel on Friday. Jan says it was the best snorkeling she has ever done. The island of Raiatea is visible in the distance.

Le Meridien resort from the helicopter.

Farepiti point and wharf. The two red roofed buildings were built by U.S. during WW2 when there were some 4500 troops here (the island population was a few hundred then.)

 I believe this is Motu Tapu, the forbidden island. At one time the people of Bora Bora believed that when someone died their spirit went to Motu Tapu. It was forbidden for any living person to go there. Several older people we met commented (with regretful looks) how the youngsters no longer believe in this legend and even use the island for picnics and recreation.

More pictures from the helicopter tour

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